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A5W Bookshelf Speakers
Model: A5B
Price: $325.00

All cables included

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Perfect for all your music. Free cables and 3-year warranty.
Small Speakers, Big Bass. You won't hear any enhanced super-mega-hyper-monster boomy bass from these speakers. The low end from the Audioengine 5 is real bass, very near to the originally-recorded music. From rap to classical to movies, you'll get tight, punchy bass with an awesome growl that will make you smile - regardless of the volume level.

Natural Mids and Dynamic Highs
The way Audioengine speakers duplicate a music soundstage is really cool. We had all these great adjectives written up to describe the midrange and highs (buzz phrases like "tonal accuracy with transparent clarity, excellent detail and harmonic correctness"), but they all just seemed overused and sort of lame. Our goal was to bring you the sound as it was originally mixed in the studio. Vocals are clearly placed and each instrument occupies its own space, making the speakers seem invisible to your ears. We feel that we've succeeded in our goal and hope you agree!

Brawn, Brains, and Beauty
Kevlar woofers for powerful bass, silk dome tweeters for smooth highs, built-in power amplifiers, truly useful connections, and a clean industrial design all allow the Audioengine 5 to integrate perfectly in your living room, bedroom, or desktop. Custom-designed and handcrafted wood cabinets with high-gloss professional piano finish make the Audioengine 5 a true work of art.

If you decide to locate the Audioengine A5's away from your powered speakers or surround sound AV receiver, check out the Audioengine W1 wireless audio adapter or Apple’s Airport Express for high-quality wireless options. The A5's has a built-in AC outlet on the rear panel that’s perfect for powering these great-sounding wireless products.

Audioengine 5 Features
Included Accessories
Designed to use with
· ipod power charger port
· 2 audio inputs
· Built-in power amplifiers, no receiver needed
· Wireless-ready! Power outlet for Airport Express
· Front panel volume control
· Custom Kevlar woofers for super low end
· Silk dome tweeters for smooth highs
· Subwoofer outputs
· High-quality speaker connectors
· Auto-sleep power saving mode
· Hand-built and finished cabinets
· Video shielded
· 3-year warranty
· All cables included
· AC power cable
· 1/8" audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5ft)
· (2) 1/8" audio cables, 20cm (~8")
· 1/8" to RCA "Y" adapter cable
· USB power extender cable, 1 meter (~3.28ft)
· Speaker wire (16AWG), 3.75 meters (~12.3ft)
· Detachable AC power cable
· Drawstring cable bag
· Drawstring speaker bags
· (2) High-density foam isolation pads
· Setup Guide
· AirPort Express (Wi-Fi ready!)
· iPod, Zune, other digital music players
· Internet radio and network music players
· Apple Universal Dock and all other docks + remotes
· Laptops, portables, and notebook computers
· Flat panel TVs
· Mobile phones and PDAs
· CD and DVD players
· Videogame players
· Digital radio and satellite receivers
· All other products with 1/8" mini-jack or RCA outputs!