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Pearadio revives the adventurousness of FM radio's free-form golden age. The Pearadio play-list blends funk, progressive rock, world music, reggae, blues, and folk with country, Tex-Mex and jazz. A quick peek in the Music section will reveal artist like Alpinestars, Ani Difranco, Grateful Dead, Beatles, Bruce Cockburn, Casanovas, Coldplay, JJ Cale, Peter Green, Counting Crows, David Byrne, Staple Singers, Nick Drake, Mazzy Star, Louis Prima Jimmy Reed, Johnny Cash, Thievery Corporation, Pearl Jam, and Yo La Tengo just to name a few.

Spanning decades of great music from the 30's & 40's to today's breaking independent artists and B-sides, Pearadio streams an eclectic blend of music in high quality stereo. The rotation is also light years behind today's corporate FM muck; on average repeat sets are held to 4 days instead of 4 hours.

What and Why
The days of tower based radio breaking new records, taking chances on unknown acts and responding to it's audience's interests have all but vanished. A handful of radio corporations & record labels extract copious amounts of money from the music industry while satisfaction with the quality of music programming is at an all time low. Carefully researched computer generated play-lists are in the hands of corporate programmers, who are influenced by big-label money funneled into the stations by independent radio promoters. In a nutshell, four major record labels control virtually everything you hear on traditional FM radio today; but that really doesn't matter. Commercial radio is to entertainment & discovery as cheddar cheese is to laxatives; this form begs for a minty fresh cleansing! Pearadio is 'the colonic irrigation of Big 4 broadcasting'.

Where and How
Pearadio is streamcast from my home in Tega Cay, SC; a small bedroom community just south of Charlotte, NC. A nice little berg where Mrs. Pear and I have spent the last 16 years working, playing, and raising a family.
The stream is produced and encoded with an "affordable" yet very customized PC based broadcasting software. The 128 MP3 and 48k AAC+ streams use shoutCAST server in conjunction with a music database--19,422 songs and growing. I have the ability to control the station from remote locations should I choose to tinker or fix glitches when I'm away from the studio. The stream is relayed through the FastServ data center based in Ashburn, VA. on a dedicated 100Mbps port with backup relays in Fort Mill, SC.

Behind the Curtain
David Hill, BKA "Pearhead" is a former building supply manager and corporate marketing monkey currently paying half of the bills as a technology consultant. (I advise, fix, build, and integrate computers & A/V components into homes-- I make "ready" the digital appliance). Pearadio for the most part is presently a service to myself as a hobby. With a lot of help from a few dedicated listeners and friends (you know who you are) it can/will grow into something more deserving of my attention as well as the attention of potential listeners and community members. Like many others, music is a very large part of my life and I've always enjoyed sharing it with friends. The opportunity to share "my music" with potentially thousands is risky and frustrating; yet satisfying labor of love. Although much time, effort, and appreciated support by many has gone into getting this gig where it is today, Pearadio is still an infant with a dream so "pear" with me while we fine tune things. I've learned a great deal about "doing radio" over these past few years and I still have a lot to accomplish and learn. With a little help from friends and some bottled up tenacity, I will continue to make Pearadio the best community driven station that it can be.

Pea Radio?
NO! It's Pear via a shared R in the logo. I loathe peas! The station name comes from a childhood nickname bequeathed to me by my older sisters. Seems I sported quite a top heavy "pear-shaped" noggin in my early days (it could be argued that I still do). So I ventured through family life known as Pearhead; or Pear for short. I returned fire with fire and coined one of my siblings "the hydraulic bean" due to her rather lanky pubescence giving her a string bean like appearance. To this day I still refer to her as the Bean and she to me Pear. The "Bean" as well as Mrs. Pear have been extremely supportive of my efforts with Pearadio; much is owed to both for their cheerleading & tolerance respectively. Okay, enough sap. I realize my spelling choice with the logo keeps people guessing--but that's not such a bad thing when it comes to original independent eclectic radio.

If you favor variety, discovery, and community vs. genre specific hits played ad nauseam in a pigeon holed format, then Pearadio's free-form approach will most likely be your flavor of ear candy. Tune in and sit back for about an hour"..your musical mind will come away feeling colonic clean & zippy fresh!

This station is listener supported in more ways than one as I pay attention to the audience. I depend on listener input to help me balance and polish the play-list. If you hear something that you really like-or dislike, please feel free to leave your comments in the Music forum. Discovery is not a one way street so please suggest artists you feel strongly about that are not currently listed in the Pearadio library. With an incredibly diverse play-list, it's not so much about "fitting in", as it is about showcasing true talent. If you tell me about it, I will seek it out and put it on the platter. If it's difficult for me to come by, I'll encourage you submit it via upload or the good ol' Postal Service. Contact me (Pearhead) for the mailing address.

Guest SJ's (stream jockey)
From time to time I will feature a set-list put together by a listener. If you would like to submit one of your crafty segued creations for stream play either from the Pearadio library or your own, please feel free to contact me. I'd prefer sets to be at least 2 hours, but it's not a requirement. Take a bite, so far no one has been denied their "15 minutes" of fame on Pearadio.

Contact Info:
David Hill This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it