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To make a one time donation to Pearadio use the PayPal button below. If you would like to begin making a regular monthly contribution, see the links to the left.

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I accept for donations only from those who are willing and able. In other words, if you feel the programming here is worthy of a few bucks for providing a commercial free music source and community and you have the means, please consider helping me offset the expense.

Should you choose to toss a dime or two my way via the PayPal link above or affiliate links below, rest assured all donations and transactions are secure and go toward helping Pearadio grow and remain commercial free. There is no subscription requirement to listen and your are encouraged to participate in the community. All donations are 100% voluntary but unfortunately--not tax deductible.

Pearadio is relatively young and my conviction is about the music-- not getting rich. Although it is possible to make a significant amount of money operating an internet radio site, it's definitely not the case nor the driving force behind Pearadio. Some if not most web radio stations provide their stream and website with the sole purpose of generating a hefty personal or corporate income, they do so by sacrificing the look and appeal of their site and broadcast with annoying in your face, content blocking pop-up advertisements, silly registration requirements just to listen, and in-stream commercials. It's pretty obvious their main objective is to make as much money possible--the quickest and easiest way achievable. The end result is really not that much different than what commercial radio has become today; money is everything and to hell with creative original programming and listener interaction and involvement. That approach goes against every aspect of what I desire in a webcast. I started Pearadio to share my and other's musical tastes and opinions with a worldwide audience. If you would like to contribute to that end.....thank you.

The cost of producing and providing a quality webcast and site is not as "inexpensive" as it used to be. Royalty and licensing fees, stream bandwidth, site administration and hosting for internet radio stations isn't cheap. I pay for every listener connection and when the number of listeners increase so does the cost of bandwidth and licensing. In order to grow the listenership and community involvement it's virtually unavoidable not to accept a minimal amount of promotional income. This will be done with restraint and only in an amount absolutely necessary for the station to grow and evolve. My mission is and will always be to keep the Pearadio site sharply focused on the music and community by keeping it as clean and uncluttered as possible. That said, I've corralled most of the affiliate sponsors on this page.

Your security and privacy will not be compromised by donating or registering at I will never release your email address to third parties or share your donation info with anyone. When you make a financial contribution to Pearadio, nothing concerning the transaction it is stored on my servers or web host. All transaction information is handled privately through our affiliate's or PayPal's secure server. Other than a simple email confirming your contribution amount, no one associated with Pearadio has access to the details of the transaction. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

While a donation via PayPal is the most direct and immediate way to help Pearadio, I also receive a small percentage from these affiliate sponsors when you shop online provided you use the links below for your purchase. It's not alot, but if something strikes your fancy or you "were going to buy it anyway", consider tossing Pearadio a bone in the process by using these links.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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